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"A Man & His Mama" CD Single - One for Mom

Guys:  Looking for a truly SPECIAL gift for your mom for Mother's Day, her birthday or any other holiday?  Get her something that reminds her daily about how much you love her - the AUTOGRAPHED CD single of Chip Dominick's "A Man & His Mama."  Like the lyrics say, "There's nothing like the bond between a man and his mama!"


"A Man & His Mama" CD Single - One for You, One for Mom

Yes, the "A Man & His Mama" single makes a great gift for Mom.  But that doesn't mean you can't enjoy the song, too!  Get an AUTOGRAPHED  CD single for Mom and one for yourself!  The cost to ship is the same whether you buy one or two, so get the most for your money!


"A Man & His Mama" - 2 CD Singles + Handwritten Lyrics

If you really wanna go over the top with your gift for Mom, this bundle is pure perfection!  Not only will you get two AUTOGRAPHED CD singles of "A Man & His Mama" - one for you, one for her - but you'll also get handwritten lyrics of the song.  This lyric sheet is perfect for framing so that the special words of the song can be heard and SEEN by your mom on a daily basis.  She'll never forget how you feel about her!


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